Welcome Message From the Dean

Mission Statement

The Dental team operates as part of the NHS to enhance the quality of healthcare, by continually improving the management and provision of supportive, quality assured, education and development of doctors and dentists and, where appropriate, the wider workforce.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Dental section of the Health Education England, London and South East (LaSE).  

The Deanery has seen so many NHS reorganisations in its 10 year life, that is has become not only pretty expert in continuing to deliver its education programmes, with these changes little effect on its students but has learned to use those changes to make major improvements in the education programmes.

Nowhere is that better shown than in the fact that all of our foundation dentists now achieve a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists, and have an opportunity to take that forward to a Masters Degree in Primary Dental Care.

We work closely with our Local Area Team (LAT) and Local Professional Network, leads and commissioners to deliver training programmes they request. We delivered the first Dentist with a Special Interest training programme in the country some 5 years ago, and are now working on appropriate programmes to deliver the appropriately trained workforce for our patients needs and a forthcoming new dental contract. That includes sophisticated processes for inducting overseas dentists and also for supporting registrants in difficulty.

Read the following pages carefully to find out what is happening, use our DEBS process for your CPD, and communicate with us if there is anything you would like us to deliver that you do not find.

I look forward to working with and for you all to maintain and improve our service to the London and South East community.


Professor Stephen Lambert-Humble MBE

Dean of Postgraduate Dentistry